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our news

Moscow, April 1-22 2019
We are to make our ehxibition in the Moscow School of Social and Economic
Sciences since April, 1 till Aprill, 21 2019
Nizhny Novgorod region, June 19-23 and July 19-28 2019

To meet a high demand for efficient and original way of teaching drawing and painting,  TM-Studia founded the first international creative camp for adults in Russia, Art Camp. Anyone who dreams of learning to draw and paint can join it! Each Summer TM-Studia artists organize ArtCamp in one of the best places in Russia. Among beautiful pines and next to a clear forest lake.


Anyone can join Art Camp disregarding one’s level of drawing skills.

Also, within the years of Art Camp being held, that summer residence had become a place of attraction to numerous creative individuals from all possible art fields and geography points. There were theatrical performances, short-films shootings, lectures on philosophy and history of arts and many other beautiful events - right under the open skies, en plein air.


The program at Art Camp is built in a way that creative process is 24 hours non-stop, participants are given absolute artistic freedom. In the warm and friendly atmosphere, people can make real fast progress. Just within several days the participants learn the basics of composition,  working with line and spot, live sketches, landscape sketches, human body sketches, etudes en plein air.There are no other people at Art Camp territory than those involved and who are on the same «wave» - aiming to reach creative joy, inspiration and mastership.

In 2019 ArtCamp will take place twice:

June, 19-23

July 19-28

To register for ArtCamp please  write  tm.studiya@gmail.com or use the contact form in the contact section